Request Metrics Resource Performance Monitoring

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Metric & Term Definitions

Grouped URL

The URL after automatic and manual grouping rules have been applied by Request Metrics. This will normalize out ID segments, SEO slugs, and any other custom rules provided. For example,{product}/foo.

See Original URL.

A “soft” load of a Page URL in the web browser from a pushState event. This often happens in rich applications that do client-side rendering of content, and will change the URL to reflect a major change in the UI.

Original URL

The URL as it appeared in the location bar of the web browser. This will not have ID segments removed or grouping rules applied.

See Grouped URL.

Page Load

A “hard” load of a Page URL in the web browser from an external link or typing directly into the location bar. This will have all the performance metrics of a full page load.

Page View

Either a “hard” Page Load or “soft” Navigation event. This often is represented as a sum of total times a URL has been viewed.

Website Token

13 character unique identification of a Request Metrics website within an account. It has the format [a-z0-9]{7}:[a-z0-9]{7}, for example abcdefg:1234567. This information is public and viewable in the source code of your website.

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