Request Metrics Resource Performance Monitoring

Introducing Resource Performance Monitoring

Discover the resources that slow down your website


Request Metrics supports the inclusion of arbitrary data which is then tied to all performance, event and error data captured on the page. This metadata is useful for anything important to you including environment, code versions, user cohorts or A/B testing variants.

Send Metadata

Metadata can be added at any point in the page load. The agent includes all added metadata on every data point that is sent. Metadata keys and values must be strings:

  "sessionId": "abc123456",
  "paymentsVersion": "1.24.6",
  "test_headlines": "variant-1b"

TIP: It is best to add metadata at the same point that RM.install() is called. If RM.addMetadata() is called later, data may be sent without metadata included.

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