Request Metrics Resource Performance Monitoring

Introducing Resource Performance Monitoring

Discover the resources that slow down your website

  • Filterable reports

    Slice and dice every report to find the meaningful users for your site. Discoverable filters help you find the interesting problems.

  • Protect your SEO

    Proactively find and fix performance problems before they impact your pagerank. Be faster than your competition.

  • Installs in minutes

    Use no-code options or our pre-built snippets to quickly copy & paste everything you need to start monitoring.


Remove layout shifts from your launch

Stabilize your page layout and remove problems with Cumulative Layout Shift by spotting the shifting elements and slow assets.

Sloth shifting around a slow loading page.

Stop annoying users with layout shifts

Your website can jump around when advertising or slow content loads for some users. Know exactly when and where it happens.

  • See the full distribution of CLS scores

    Stabilize every shift

    Track CLS for every visitor to each page of your website and know exactly where to find the problems.

  • Find the elements shifting the layout

    Root cause attribution

    CLS element attribution shows you which elements are shifting, and what assets are causing the movement.

  • Get CLS metrics in real-time from users

    Real-time information

    Our system delivers metrics in real time so you can see your CLS scores for right now.

Request Metrics gives us a comprehensive view of our Core Web Vital scores with clear and detailed metrics across all pages.
Tyler Spencewood
Tyler Spencewood
Senior Software Engineer, Nomics

Accelerate your Largest Contentful Paint

Find all the resources that block and delay content from rendering to your visitors, and remove the cruft that's slowing you down.

Fix your Largest Contentful Paint
  • Find the element that triggers LCP

    Discover slow elements

    See the element that triggered LCP for each page with element attribution.

  • Get the full distribution of LCP scores

    The big picture on LCP

    Get the full distribution of your visitor's LCP scores and see how fast you can go.

  • Find the assets blocking LCP

    Find the blocking assets

    Know which assets slow down LCP in our Page Sequence report, and highlight the blocking and heavy files.

Showing the First Contentful Paint metric by country has to be one of the coolest features of Request Metrics. Actionable data like no other.
Sal Aiello
Sal Aiello
Founder, DimeADozen

Lighten your JavaScript load

Cut out the heavy JavaScript that's slowing down your website and hurting your Interaction to Next Paint scores.

JavaScript slowing down your website

Reduce the weight of your JavaScript

Use our discoverable reports to find the root cause of slow INP scores and speed up your JavaScript.

  • Track your INP scores

    Track INP scores

    Measure your Interaction to Next Paint score for each user on each page to spot problems before they impact your pagerank.

  • See the heavy assets that get in the way

    Heavy asset report

    Highlight resources that are unusually large and slowing down the page performance.

  • Monitor custom marks and measures

    Custom marks and measures

    Collect detailed performance timing information with custom marks and measures from the browser.