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Observability where it matters most

Unified analytics and monitoring, from the client-side.

Request Metrics monitors your software as real users see it–everything else is just diagnostics. Get simplified visibility into your traffic, users, behavior, performance, and APIs, all with a single script tag.

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“I love Request Metrics! It gives me the easy real-time monitoring I need to improve my system and ace my Core Web Vitals.”
Michael Masouras
Founder and CEO
Motohunt Inc
Estee Lauder Companies
Virgin Mobile
Fast and Simple Web Analytics

Fast and Simple Web Analytics

Gain actionable, user-focused insights to optimize your website and deliver outstanding user experiences.

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“This saved me so much time, I could find everything on day one.”
Imelda - pounce3
Monitoring the End User Experience

User Experience and Performance

Understand how real users experience your website performance and discover when and how things break. Find the user sessions that are slow, call broken APIs, or throw errors.

User Experience Monitoring »

“Everyone should use this! I can check all my pages without constant testing.”
Chip - Fusion3 Marketing
Production API Monitoring

Production API Monitoring

Discover all of your APIs instantly without changing any code. Spot the APIs that slow things down, throw errors, or return unusual values in production.

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“This app's a gem, I cannot recommend it enough.”
David - Axos Bank
GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

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