Monitoring, but easier

Build your web application, not custom reporting

summary report of traffic, users, and bounce rates

Product Analytics

Understand user traffic and sources. Find the paths users take through your application, and where they get lost.

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transcript of user activity, clicking on a link and a soft navigation event.

Session Transcripts

Follow a user journey through your application, what they clicked, how they interacted, and the overall experience. Dive into technical details when there's trouble.

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largest contentful paint report showing the median, 75th percentile, and 95th percentile broken out.

Web Performance

Get real performance measurements and user experience from your site. Chart and filter important metrics like the Core Web Vitals, Load time, TTFB, and more.

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Stack trace of a JavaScript error with inline Typescript code annotations.

Error Tracking

Quickly find and fix the bugs that block your users. Automatically track errors and crashes with inline code traces and a detailed waterfall of what happened.

Summary of API request traffic, status codes, and total performance.

API Monitoring

Track the requests, error rate, and experienced performance of your APIs, and your vendors. See which APIs slow down your users, and detect issues as they happen.

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Bill of materials with domains that have loaded JavaScript on user pages. Showing a malware domain detected.

Client-Side Protection

Protect your users from cross-site scripting, supply-chain attacks, and other malicious JavaScript. Detect all the scripts that runs in your site, and where user data is being sent.

Frontend Masters
Axos Financial
“I love Request Metrics! It gives me the easy real-time monitoring I need to improve my site and ace my Core Web Vitals.”
Michael Masouras
Founder and CEO
Motohunt Inc
Request Metrics sloth playing hockey

Hosted in Canada

Everyone loves the Canadians, eh? We keep your data in the land of hockey and maple syrup.

Discovering that a slow server response is the cause of a bad user experience.

Discover where and why users leave

Explore the paths that users take, and find the frustrating experiences that keep them from sticking with you.

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“This saved me so much time, I could find everything on day one.”
Imelda - pounce3
Solving a spike of errors by seeing the relationship to an API response.

Solve bugs, UX, and performance issues

Discover the problems that impact your users, and dive into the technical details to understand exactly what happened, and how to fix it.

“Everyone should use this! I can check all my pages without constant testing.”
Chip - Fusion3 Marketing
Responding to API outages and security incidents.

React fast to outages and attacks

Know exactly when users see an outage in your API or application and stop would-be attackers from stealing your user's data.

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“This app's a gem, I cannot recommend it enough.”
David - Axos Bank

Works in your app

(or your website)
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import { RM } from "@request-metrics/browser-agent";

RM.install({ token: "your-token" });
RM.identify("username1234", {
  "name": "Jane Smetsted",
  "email": "",
  "test_headlines": "variant_alpha",
  "is_member": "yes"


<script src="/agent/rm.js"></script>
  RM.install({ token: "your-token" });
    "app_version": "1.2.5",
    "test_headlines": "variant_alpha",
    "session_id": "77236dfe"
It's everywhere you want to code.