Request Metrics Resource Performance Monitoring

Introducing Resource Performance Monitoring

Discover the resources that slow down your website

  • Delight your users

    User's stay longer and purchase more from fast websites and stores. Boosting your PageSpeed makes users happy and increases your revenue.

  • Less developer time

    Point your developer team right at the problem with our reports and reduce engineering time from hours to minutes.

  • Fix problems fast

    Get notified of performance problems before Google notices or rankings are impacted.


Identify slow third parties

Find the vendors, marketing pixels, and other cruft that's slowing down your website and irritating your users.

Request Metrics vendor impact report
  • Automatic noise filter

    Automatic noise filter

    Remove the noise from third-parties injected by crawlers and browser extension automatically, and focus on things you control.

  • Find the biggest and slowest third-parties

    Biggest and slowest

    Highlight the biggest and slowest vendors on every page viewed and zoom to all the resources they're pushing into your site.

  • Vendor assets and caching

    Vendor assets and caching

    Find ways to boost the speed of your vendor assets with caching and protocol breakdowns.

Request Metrics helped me quickly identify and resolve a crippling performance issue.
David Walsh
David Walsh
Owner, David Walsh Blog
Custom Marks

Track custom marks and measures

Dive into detailed performance information with your own custom performance marks and measures, captured automatically from the performance API.

Monitor performance of custom marks and measures
  • Track the distribution of custom mark start times

    Mark distribution

    See when your marks start and finish in the waterfall sequence.

  • Track the distribution of custom mark durations

    Measure durations

    Understand how your performance marks behave across thousands of visitors and pages.

  • See custom marks inline with resource waterfall

    Marks and measure waterfall

    See your custom marks and measures inline with resources, events, and other important metrics in the load sequence.

Request Metrics showed us all the unused marketing pixels and vendor rubbish that was slowing down our users.
Anton Ball
Anton Ball
Full Stack Team Lead, Doist

Analyze your dependencies

Visualize all of your website dependencies, resource, and third-party scripts as individual or aggregated loading waterfalls.

Analyze your dependencies
  • Troubleshoot with aggregate waterfalls

    Aggregate page timings

    Discover the slowest part of your website loading process.

  • Dive into individual resources

    Dive into each resource

    Understand exactly what is making each asset slow.

  • Highlight blocking resources

    Highlight blocking and big

    Flag the biggest and blocking resources that impact performance the most.