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Introducing Resource Performance Monitoring

Discover the resources that slow down your website

  • Beginner friendly

    Everyone can understand performance, no data science training required.

  • Boost your revenue

    Fast stores sell more stuff. Quick content gets more readers.

  • No code trial

    Try Request Metrics with no-code changes using our Chrome Extension.


Quick and easy discovery of performance issues

Jump into web performance like never before with our intuitive reporting UI that intelligently summarizes data and let's you click into anything.

Intuitive UI Design

Website performance, simplified

Uncover web performance problems at a glance and quickly drill into all the details you'll need to fix it.

  • Discoverable search and filtering

    Discoverable UI

    Our UI directs you to find the pages, browsers, or regions that have performance trouble.

  • Automatic page grouping

    Automatic page grouping

    No setup required, Request Metrics automatically discovers the patterns in your website URLs.

  • Click into anything to discover more

    Click into anything

    Every report detail is clickable to discover more details about your website.

Request Metrics feels like I have some unfair advantage on Google now!
Chris Hall
Chris Hall
Founder, XABCD Trading

Take action on slow performance metrics

Knowing about slow performance isn't enough–you need to know why and how to fix it. Our reports tell you just that.

Actionable performance data
  • Drill into the details

    Drill into details

    Find the resources and requests that slow down your site, and see exactly how they were served.

  • Discover the elements causing trouble

    Discover elements

    Identify the elements responsible for slow experiences and boost your performance.

  • Find the blocking resources

    Find the blockers

    See the blocking assets that are standing in the way of lightning-fast pages.

Request Metrics showed us all the unused marketing pixels and vendor rubbish that was slowing down our users.
Anton Ball
Anton Ball
Full Stack Team Lead, Doist

Easily find users, pages, and metrics

Get the easiest search and filtering capability of any performance tool to find the performance problems that matter to you.

Searchable metrics
  • Filter by client device properties

    Find slow devices

    Filter or exclude particular browsers, devices, or systems focus on your audience.

  • Focus on specific Core Web Vital ranges

    Focus on individual metrics

    Drill in on specific metric ranges to learn why performance problems happen.

  • Understand regional performance

    Speed around the world

    Report metrics by country to understand how people around the world experience your site.