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Introducing Resource Performance Monitoring

Discover the resources that slow down your website

Our (re)launch story 👇👇👇
Todd Gardner

Trying and failing and trying again

Todd Gardner, CEO of Request Metrics

Starting software products is hard, and it's easy to make mistakes. We've started a lot of products -- and we've made a whole lot of mistakes along the way. But that's not going to stop us. We're stubborn like that.

Day 1

Real-user monitoring

Real User Performance Monitoring from Request Metrics is a game-changer. It's never been this easy to automatically get your performance reports, and with our data and alerts, you'll know exactly when you need to act to protect your experience, boost your SEO, and increase the revenue of your site.

Day 2

Core web vital tracking

Request Metrics gives you real-time information about the Core Web Vitals, as your real-users experience them — everywhere in your website. And, we include the context about WHY something is slow, and where to look, so that the data is actionable and you can fix the problems.

Day 3

Free monitoring!

We want to help EVERYONE make their website fast, so the web can be fast for everyone. That's why today we're making Request Metrics Free to use.

Day 4

Actionable pagespeed

What if a performance monitoring tool actually told you what was slowing you down? Today we're launching PageSpeed recommendations, a ton of little useful hints, tips, and feedback to show you exactly where and why your website was slow for a user.

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