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24 April 2023 UPCOMING
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Connectaha is a conference that aims to bring everyone in software development together to learn from one another. We believe better solutions are created when everyone shares their knowledge. We are creating an environment for Developers, Designers, DevOps and Tech Community Leaders to connect, share and learn. Join us April 24, 2023 at the Scott Conference Center.

Client-Side Observability

Client-Side Observability

Users don’t see your distributed services, cloud architecture, or instrumentation—they only see how the web app is working. Understanding their experience in the client-side is the first step towards understanding the rest of the system. We’ll explore how to make your client-side applications more observable through error tracking, web performance, and usage analytics. With better understanding of real-user experience, you’ll better understand the real behavior of your systems.

Monitoring where it matters.

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Request Metrics is drop-in application monitoring where it matters most: the end user experience. From API Observability to User Sessions, developers can see the problems that matter to users, fix them faster, and continuously improve their applications. Request Metrics provides software observability in minutes instead of months for companies worldwide like eBay, Virgin Mobile, and Aljazeera.