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Twin Cities Code Camp 24

15 April 2023 UPCOMING
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

Code Camp is Minnesota’s free developer event by devs and for devs. Watch talks. Learn new stuff. Have fun. Become better at your craft. The Request Metrics team will be there answering your observability questions and showing you our latest product updates. Come say hello!

Hostile JavaScript: Attacking and Defending the Browser

Hostile JavaScript: Attacking and Defending the Browser

How much JavaScript is on your website? Do you know what it does? No really, have you looked at the code and seen what it does? Probably not.

JavaScript controls the client side environment, and we can use it to compromise users, consume resources, and steal data. Yet many websites continue to add scripts without review, audit, or thought.

Let’s explore what JavaScript can do to a browser, the vectors that JavaScript can get added to websites, and how we can defend against JavaScript attacks.

Web App Observability: Understanding the Client-Side Experience

Web App Observability: Understanding the Client-Side Experience

Most observability efforts focus on distributed services and cloud architectures, end-users only care that the client-side works for them. In this talk, we’ll explore how to make client-side web applications more observable by monitoring session analytics, user experience, errors, APIs, and data integrity directly from real users. We’ll cover how web developers, SREs, and DevOps engineers can collect data from the browser, handle noise, and interpret data to make better decisions for users, enabling them to prioritize fixes that have the most impact.

Client-Side Monitoring, but easier.

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