Episode 0: Introducing Request Metrics!

Announcing Request Metrics, a new tool from the team who built TrackJS. Request Metrics is a web performance tool that records how fast your production Page and API endpoints are from your users’ perspective.

We are doing something a bit different as we build Request Metrics: all our development sessions are recorded! Follow along as we work our way towards the Version 1 release. We’ll edit out the wrong turns and dead ends, saving you the time we lost along the way.

When we’re ready to release Request Metrics, you’ll know exactly how it works and be confident you can depend on us and our service. Follow along with us as we build Request Metrics, the fastest and easiest web performance tool you’ll ever use.

We’ve already released Episode 1 so take a look! You can stay up to date on new episodes by subscribing to the Request Metrics Youtube Channel or signing up for Our Newsletter.

Client-Side Monitoring, but easier.

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Request Metrics is application monitoring for the front-end. Understand your real users, and how they experience your application. Fix the bugs and problems that get in the way of your users. Respond to outages and attacks quickly with Request Metrics. Get visibility into your web app in minutes instead of months.