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Web performance monitoring

Website performance monitoring doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive. Get simplified performance metrics and actionable core web vitals to make your website go fast—without breaking your budget.

Our Features

  • checkmark Real User Performance Monitoring
  • checkmark Core Web Vital Metrics
  • checkmark Easy Reports & Emails
  • checkmark Predictably Affordable

Their Features

  • No checkmark Fake "Synthetic" Performance
  • No checkmark Inaccurate Measurements
  • No checkmark Overloaded Reports
  • No checkmark Complicated Metered Pricing

Uncover Real User Experience

Quickly understand how real users experience your website's performance on every page. Page Performance shows your traffic, user performance, and the median, 75th, and 95th percentile experience.

Monitor Your Core Web Vitals

Get the whole performance picture by understanding your Core Web Vitals. See when your user's experience delayed rendering, jank, or slow interactions.

Learn more about Core Web Vital Monitoring

See What's Making Your Pages Slow

Easily see what is slowing down your users. Page Load Breakdown shows you where to find opportunities to improve performance.

Protected User Privacy

Request Metrics does not place cookies, store data, or capture anything identifiable about your website visitors. We aggregate data across useful metrics to give you the visibility you need, without sacrificing user privacy.

Learn more about user privacy.

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Track When Your Website Performance Changes

Track the history of your performance and see exactly when and why your web pages slowed down.

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