About Request Metrics

Request Metrics is a simplified observability tool that monitors your system as the end-user. It combines business insights with engineering metrics to give you comprehensive visibility into your application with minimal tool overhead. It's good for high performing cross functional teams.

About Sentry

Sentry is a venture-funded error reporting service used by large software teams. It integrates with multiple platforms to pull error and performance data from your systems. With a large installation surface and powerful data reporting, it's good for teams with dedicated monitoring engineers or SREs.

Request Metrics


Client-Side Observability

Error Reporting

Core Features
Web Analytics
Product Analytics
User Experience Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Error Reporting
API Monitoring
Website Integrity Monitoring
Distributed Tracing
Data Reporting
Data Filtering Included Extra
Custom Data KVP Metadata Tagging
Dashboards Built In Custom
Data Grouping
Fast Filtering
Complex Custom Queries
Email Support
Live Support
Supported By Engineers Tier 1 Support
Price for 1M Sessions $100/mo $244/mo
Data Retention 90 Days 90 Days
Sustainability Self-Owned and Profitable Venture Funded

Why Request Metrics is better than Sentry?

Finding Problems that Matter

Finding Problems that Matter

Not every error, API bug, or performance slowdown impacts the users. Request Metrics helps you focus on the problems that matter by showing you issues correlated with key business metrics like conversions, bounces, or session time.

No Queries-Just Answers

No Queries–Just Answers

No data model or query language to learn. Interesting activity is surfaced automatically, with easy filtering options to explore.

How your APIs behave for real-users

Pricing that Doesn't Hold Your Data Hostage

Tools like Sentry price by the number of events you send. When you have an incident with millions of extra logs, they take advantage by increasing your price, hiding your data, or metering your usage.

Request Metrics aligns it's price with your success instead of your failure. You only pay more when you monitor more users and sessions. Events and errors are always included.