Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals

Google is pushing the adoption of the Core Web Vitals to measure page performance. They’re already using these metrics in their search ranking algorithm, so it’s important to be fast! But how do you know where you stack up? Request Metrics has an entire section devoted to Web Vitals!

Web Vitals are on the menu

Request Metrics records the real Web Vitals measurements from your user’s browser. These are the actual in-the-field metrics that Google cares about. We aggregate and report all four major vitals, broken out by desktop vs. mobile, so you can see how you’re doing over time.

Learn more about the Core Web Vitals in our Definitive Guide to Web Performance.

Web Vitals Overview

The best place to start monitoring web vitals is with the overview. We’ll show you the P75 of each vital over time, so you can get a sense of whether things are improving or getting worse. Vitals with lots of orange or red are good candidates for improvement.

Web Vitals over time

We’ll also show you a rollup great for quickly determining which vital to focus on. It’s easy to tell at a glance which vitals need work!

Web Vitals overview summary

You can also view the Web Vitals measurements for each URL in your site, so you can see if there are issues across all pages, or just a few bad apples.

Urls and their web vitals measurements

Pro Tip: You can sort by all of the web vital measurements across all your URLs to see the biggest offenders on your site for each vital.

See Each Web Vital In Detail

Once you’ve narrowed down a problem area, drill in to that Web Vital to see all the fine-grained detail. For example, here is the First Contentful Paint (FCP) timing measurement for one of our customers.

FCP over time

But what’s causing the slowness? And which URLs are most affected? You can sort all your page URLs by the different FCP measurements to focus on the worst performers first.

Urls and their FCP measurements

Then you can check out the Resource Timeline to see which file types are slowing down that first paint. Once you’ve made improvements - monitor pages over time from the Web Vitals pages.