The internet enables people from all parts of the globe to visit your site. But those people won’t all experience the same performance. If your servers are based only in the US, your US-based users will see faster load times than your EU-based users. The speed of light is still a constraint!

Request Metrics tells you where your traffic is coming from, geographically speaking, so you can determine if slowdowns are the result of overloaded services or just people browsing from Australia.

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A Map of Your Traffic

In general there are two parts to the geolocation data we display. The first is a map that shows the country every request originated in.

The colors get darker relative to how much traffic is coming from each country. The map is zoomable with mousewheel (or you can click on a country to zoom) so you can drill in to see every country and the exact counts for each.

Zoom in to see every country

The map updates based on the reporting period time range you’re viewing, so you can get as precise as you want!

Top Ten Countries

Request Metrics also displays a histogram of the traffic from your top ten countries over time. This lets you see if changes in traffic geography in turn coincide with changes in performance. If you’re based in the US and you see an influx of Australian users, you can bet the load time performance will decrease!

Top ten countries over time

Geolocation is only one of the many data points Request Metrics captures about your site. We make diagnosing performance issues a cinch. Start a free trial to see how easy it is to monitor your site’s performance!