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We're making website performance monitoring easy. Get the simplified metrics and actionable Core Web Vitals that you need to make your website go fast—without breaking your budget.

Get Core Web Vitals and other Performance Metrics from your website visitors Highlight interesting patterns and changes in your performance and traffic Discover the resources and external domains that slow you down
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Core Web Vital Performance Metrics

Real-Time Performance

See real-time performance metrics and Core Web Vitals from your website users. Get better, faster, and more accurate data than Google Lighthouse.

“Everyone should use this! I can check all my pages without constant testing.”
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Core Web Vital Performance Metrics

Discover Interesting Activity & Patterns

Quickly spot when traffic is spiking or when a third-party slows down with highlighted Interesting Activity.

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Core Web Vital Performance Metrics

See What Makes Your Website Slow

Break down your page loads and discover when someone puts too much JavaScript on your checkout page.

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Protected User Privacy

Request Metrics does not place cookies, store data, or capture anything identifiable about your website visitors. We aggregate data across useful metrics to give you the visibility you need, without sacrificing user privacy.

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